比如当你遇到客户时,可以寻找时机:“Sir/Madam (最少叫t

简介: 比如当你遇到客户时,可以寻找时机:“Sir/Madam (最少叫ta的名字,有的名字很长难以记住,你可以问ta有没有短一点的名字)May I take a ph

打开话题:1. Good Morning......2. How are you?

3. Would you like to take a closer look at the products?

4. Could you like to come inside and have a seat?We have some snacks and water for you.(邀请客户到展厅里就坐交谈,是公司人气旺盛烘托的好办法之一)5. What’s on your mind for this exhibition?6. Any specific terms that you are looking for?7. Do you he a purchasing schedule in mind?8. What can I do for you?9. What kind of style do you like?Tips:1.表达尽可能慢一点,声音大一点,因为有的外国人的母语不一定是英语。


6. 介绍产品和公司时不要太夸张,避免“Too good to be true.”7.带经典的产品(最好卖的产品)和套粒既最新的产品(证明贵公司的新品开发的能力)参展。

Simple Engilish with keywords.9.样品储备充足。

若客户拒绝:如果客户对你的邀请表示拒绝:客户回应:Not my line of productsNot my style.I'm not interested .你可以幽默礼貌的回应客户:Thank you.It doesn’t matter.Are you not interested in me or my products?

Maybe tomorrow,Maybe next time, next year.如何询问客户的痛点: Where did you buy this before?

或者 suppo魔保量se you have a reliable supplier already, right?

For 1 to 10 points,what do you give the rate to your supplier?

What is missing to get a ten points?


20%的客户是大客户,80%的客户是小客户,从而决定自己投入精力的多少)How often do you purchase this annually?

(可以了解目标客户订单大小)How do you evaluate the price VS quality when you are going to make your decision?

(通过这个问题可以了解客户是哪一类型的,如果是印度客户,大部分是重视价格,而一般欧洲,北美客户会比较重视品质,和售后服务)仓库,资金等因素:FOB now,we can check Freight fee .If FOB ,We can quote you again for  the shipping fee before delivery.For the moment we are not going to do CIF until further notice.(展会重点抓拿展会订单的时机;CIF涉及到不同时段海运费的价格不同)Since US dollars are not as stable as before, we strongly suggest you can pay our favourite RMB abroad to our company,I might be able to get you some special discount for RMB payment term.展会现场拿单:怎么要求客户在展会现场下单拿到订金即订单?

1. Would you like to make deposit now, so we can arrange the production immediately?

2. This is a limited offer for today only.3. We have a special offer for those who place orders today.4. What if I give you a special exhibition offer today?

5. This price is only for today.6. Special offer is only for those you can make deposit today.7. Mind if I send you the PI tonightto you by email?8. Do you really want to buy the products?

展会上强调"today,Try to use today ,today “暗示客户只有在展会当天才有特殊折扣活动,并搭配熟练的销售技巧,温和坚定的面部表情等,特价只有今天有,交定金,下订单。

让客户知道今天给到 ta的是一个特价,比FOA,还低价。

如果客户需要考虑一下,你可以说:I am not sure we can do this tomorrow or after the Exhibition, but I can apply for you, can you make some deposit today ,so we can secure this special offer, what do you think of it?

如果客户说需要回去考虑一段时间再回复你,当然你要给自己留条后路,回复参考如下:I'm almost certain that we cannot do it with the same price after the Exhibition , unless my boss can prove this.Could you come with me to talk with my boss now.(老板可以安排在展会咖啡馆等有意向的客户,以便达到更高权力的订单),当然,前提是今天必须得交定金,下订单。

If you have any decision, please let me know as soon as possible.关于展会后续订单:关于后续返单 怎么办?

显然不能给同样的折扣,(需要给客户一个概念,展会的折扣是公司用亏本的价格让利给客户,是我方公司相当诚恳的在展会当天希望与客户建立合作关系)学会提问:问有正面回复的问题切记:不要问类似下面这些问题,因为这些问题有机会让客户会说NoDo you like this product?

Do you like the price?


可以问:How do you feel about our product?

Closing(问一个很重要的问题,你今天能下单吗)Would you make your order now?


通过智慧的提问,去了解客户In your mind ,what is the price is right?

引导你的客户下单Would you like it if I give you one for free?

(前提是客户能下一个集装箱的订单给我)How would you like it if you have one in your house?

(根据产品的特性决定是否适合赠送)Don't you like to have one like this next to you?

 For free ?(根据产品的特性决定是否适合赠送)总结:发现有客户有意向,当天确认。

比如当你遇到客户时,可以寻找时机:“Sir/Madam (最少叫ta的名字,有的名字很长难以记住,你可以问ta有没有短一点的名字)May I take a photo with you?或者Can we take a picture together?”(一般客户不忙的话都会答应你爹要求)拍完照片,你可以顺理成章的问客户要到联系方式,"Could you give me your email or others,then I can send the picture to you ?

"其中一项联系方式都可以,比如:What’s app, Facebook, Skype,Email , Wechat ,Phone number ,因为这张照片也许客户就能从众多商中成功的与你建立了联系。


比如当你遇到客户时,可以寻找时机:“Sir/Madam (最少叫t